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availableLive Chat 24/7
availableFace2Face - A.H.
availableCredit Cards
availableGold (US-EU)
availablePower Leveling (US-EU)


20K$ 10.18 $9.88
50K$ 25.18$ 25.18
80K$ 40.40$40.40
150K$ 71.25$71.25
200K$98.8$ 95

MMOKings is online since 2007, in this about 8 years of experience can boast a large number of satisfied customers; who continue to use their service, expecially for buying WoW gold. Find it for cheap prices is not easy, but if you’re looking for a great and reliable customer service, MMOKings will satisfy your needs. There are only few others can boast a service so simple and useful, the experienced staff guarantees a professional service every time. MMOKings receives a lot of WoW gold orders daily: this implies that deliveries sometimes can be a bit slow: they can take anytime from 2 to 48 hours, as they say in the FAQ. For the other MMORPGs virtual currencies, which have less demand compared to WoW gold, deliveries are very quick.


MMOKings is not a really cheap WoW gold store. Prices are average both for US and EU servers. For EU servers, some days you can buy WoW gold a bit cheaper, as prices fluctuate. For the other MMORPGs currencies prices are usually cheaper than other companies.

Deliveries: Times and Methods

MMOKings only delivers by face-to-face method. You’ll receive an email when you gold is ready and the instructions to meet their operator in game. You can be notified of orders ready to be delivered by e-mail or in-game mail. The delivery times for WoW gold are between 2 and 48 hours according to their FAQ, but they often deliver within 60 minutes, or even earlier if you opt into Live Chat to arrange the meeting.

Customer Service

MMOKings has a useful support, but they are not 24/7. Operators are quick and prepared and they are able to quickly resolve your issues or answer your questions. The site also has a fairly detailed FAQ, a phone number, and a contact e-mail address. With many years of experience MMOKings is able to manage the trade dynamics of a WoW gold shop in professional way. This company respects the promised delivery times, and if there any problems they are able to resolve it via the support. If you want to be refunded you will get your money back within 24 hours.

Payment Methods

On MMOKings you can buy your gold via PayPal by either paying through PayPal funds, or using your credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express via the PayPal website, even if you do not have a PayPal account with an attached credit card. MMOKings is a trusted store that makes thousands of transactions daily. If this is your first purchase, you may need to verify yourself by accepting a phone call or sending in a scanned copy of your ID.

Other mmo-currencies on sale on MMOKings

MMOKings sells virtual currencies for many other MMORPGs. whose full list is the following: Aion, Archeage, Cabal 2, Echo of Soul, Elder Scrolls Online, EVE, Everquest II, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Lord Of The Rings Online, MapleStory, NeverWinter, Path Of Exile, Rift, Runescape, Runescape 2007, Star Trek Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, TERA, The Secret World, WildStar.

Conclusion Rating
3 stars
Delivery Times
4 stars
4 stars
5 stars
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